How to join the Let's End Poverty Slack channel

Slack is an online tool we have developed to enable Let’s End Poverty supporters to share ideas, information and inspiration. Different from social media platforms, the Let’s End Poverty Slack is a closed environment, by invitation only, for networking and connecting with others on action. It’s free, and available to use in your web browser or via a free app for computers, tablets and mobile phones.

If you have not received a link to join the Let’s End Poverty Slack by signing up here email

Here’s some guidance on how to log in to the Let’s End Poverty Slack channel.

Getting started

1. Joining for the first time.

Click on the link sent to you by email. Once you’ve joined, you won’t need this link again. In future, you can use to find the Let’s End Poverty Slack space.

By clicking ‘Continue with Email’ you will be prompted to type in your email address. This will be the email address where you will receive notifications from Slack. (You can turn off these notifications easily.) You could also use your Google or Apple account to join, if you have one.

2. Confirming via email

Slack will send you an email with a link to click to confirm your email address. You’ll need to confirm your email address to continue with your registration.

3. App or browser?

If you are joining from a web browser, you will see a prompt to either join on the app or browser.

Slack works well in a web browser or as a free app on your tablet, phone or desktop. If you don’t want to download the app for your computer, click ‘Not now, continue in browser’.

4. The Slack environment

Slack is for you! Please do feel free to explore, share, react, comment and question in any area you like.

The Let’s End Poverty Slack is a closed environment and we hope it will be used respectfully. If you have any concerns about content or other members, please message Hannah Fremont-Brown immediately.

Under ‘Channels’ (on the left sidebar), you will be able to see different public groups that you can join in with.

Under ‘Direct messages’ (on the left sidebar), you can privately message other conference participants and contributors. Direct messages can include groups of people.

The Let’s End Poverty Slack is ready to use now and we intend to keep it open indefinitely. We expect it to grow and develop.

Your profile picture would appear in the top right, if you want to add one. Click the profile picture to add any information you would like other members of the Let’s End Poverty Slack to see.

You type in your messages in the bottom portion of the screen. They will appear in the channel or direct message you have selected (check at the top of the screen). You can add photos or documents by clicking the + icon at the bottom left. When you’re ready to share, click the green and white triangle (paper plane!) icon on the bottom right.

5. Notifications

Notifications let you know when someone else has added information – really useful to keep track of the subjects you are interested in. But no-one wants to receive lots of distracting notifications, so Slack helps you to get the balance right.

Click on ‘Let’s End Poverty’ in the top left of the screen (above the stripey logo) to reveal a menu. Here, click Preferences, and you can select how you would like to receive notifications.

To receive notifications from specific channels, select the channel you want using the left sidebar, then click on the channel title when it appears at the top of the screen. You’ll see a button with a bell icon – click this to select options that apply to that channel.

See below for how to ‘leave’ a channel that you are not interested in, or how to rejoin channels you have left.

6. Channels

We add you into lots of channels by default when you join, as it’s the easiest way to start getting involved.

To leave (no hard feelings!) or re-join a channel later, click ‘Channel Browser’ (or ‘More’ and then ‘Channel Browser’) and hover your mouse pointer over the required channel. Click on the ‘leave’ or ‘join’ buttons that appear on the right of the channel description.

7. Direct messages

Direct messages are private. You can chat to one person by clicking their name under ‘Direct messages’.

To privately message a new group, click on ‘All DMs’ (top left of screen) and type the names into the ‘To:’ box that appears at the top.

8. Inviting others

You can ‘invite people’ to join the Let’s End Poverty Slack – for example, people in your community who would like to get involved.

Click on ‘Invite People’ at the bottom of the ‘Direct Messages’ list of names to start the process. Please explain on the invitation card why you wish to add the person since we approve every request individually. There may be a delay because of this approval process.

9. Privacy and deactivation

We hope the Let’s End Poverty Slack helps you to connect with other people in the movement.

If you’ve had a go and it’s not for you, here’s how to deactivate your account:

    1. Email with your request.
    2. If you could, please give a reason, so that we can try to better meet your needs and the needs of others in future.
    3. We will deactivate your account and remove all your data, if you wish, within 28 days and usually sooner.
    4. [You are welcome to follow Slack’s own instructions to remove yourself directly, but this requires you to create a password first.]

All of the data you provide to the Let’s End Poverty Slack is held on Slack’s servers. You can view Slack’s privacy policy here: We do not share your personal data except where legally required. Please only share media which is public domain, creative commons or your own.

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