Let's end Poverty have partnered with Stephen Martin, an artist living in Sheffield, to take his powerful Dreams and Realities portrait exhibition across the UK alongside a series of community led art events.

The Paintings and their story

Stephen Martin, a local artist, has painted acrylic portraits of nine people living in poverty in Sheffield, including himself.

Each picture shows the person, something that depicts their economic reality, and something that represents the dreams and ambitions they would pursue if they were not held back by poverty and unjust systems.


The project has been coordinated by Yo Tozer-Loft, who runs community choirs in Sheffield, with support from Church Action on Poverty. In this video Stephen and Yo talk more about the project and their stories.


The story so far

The paintings are currently on display in St Mary’s Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield and will be there until April 28th where they will move to Newcastle City Library.



Watch this space for more information about which cities the exhibition will be coming to and Dreams & Realities events