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Let's End Poverty is a movement for everyone and anyone who believes that poverty in the UK can and should end. Find out more about how you can join us with building a movement towards a UK where poverty can't hold anyone down.

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We all have our own story to share about why ending poverty matters to us. By bringing this together with a shared message, we can increase the impact of our collective voice to show how ending poverty matters to our communities.


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Join an event

Join us at one of our events to meet other people who want to see an end to poverty in the UK, and explore how we can collaborate to make real change.

  • Online
  • 23rd Nov 2023

Join us for monthly gatherings for anyone and everyone who wants to help build the movement. We'll gather together online to share updates, hear stories of success from the movement and get equipped to take action together.

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  • Online
  • 07th Dec 2023

Join these calls to find out how you can get involved with Let’s End Poverty. We'll explore the motivation behind Let's End Poverty, how we can mobilise our communities for change and how you can get resourced for action.

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Join the Enabling Group

Could you volunteer to be on the Let’s End Poverty Enabling Group, helping to shape and steer the strategy of the movement? Applications to join the Let's End Poverty Enabling Group are now open.

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