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You can show your support as part of a group, such as a local faith community, social action project or youth group.

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Sign up to support Let’s End Poverty as a group

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Ahead of the General Election, we need to be paying attention to regulations around political campaigning. If you’re joining as an organisation, click here to take a look at our supporter guidance and agreement on joint campaigning. 

Take Action

Could you get together as a group to write to your MP? Order a set of postcards, personalise your messages and send them to your MP.

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Show your support

Could you show your support for Let’s End Poverty on social media, by putting up a poster in your building or a banner on your website?

We’ve put together resources to help you publicly show that you believe in a future where poverty can’t hold anyone down.

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Find out if there are other groups in your area you could collaborate with.

Head over to our about us page to see the list of groups and organisations who have signed up, and look on our map to see if there's anyone in your area.

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Join our monthly action gatherings to meet with others and develop campaign actions together