Let’s End Poverty is a diverse, growing movement of people who are united behind a vision for a UK where poverty can’t keep anyone down. Whoever you are, whatever your experience, join us. Let's end poverty - now, together, forever.

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There doesn’t have to be poverty in the UK. But over many years, our society has been built in a way that traps people in hardship and keeps them there.

Now, we urgently need to build something better.

Ahead of the next general election, we’re calling on all our political leaders to make tackling and ultimately ending poverty in the UK a core priority, by:

  • Committing to urgent action to stop rising poverty;
  • Developing a coordinated, long-term plan to end UK poverty in collaboration with people with direct experience of poverty.

Could you join us to campaign, speak up and take action to make sure poverty is a core priority at the next general election?

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Write to your MP

Tackling poverty has to be a key issue at the next general election. With 1 in 5 people across the UK struggling against poverty, we urgently need change for our communities.

Our political leaders need to know that we want tackling and ultimately ending poverty to be one of the top priorities for the next government.

MPs have a part to play in making sure their party’s plans to tackle poverty are set out ahead of the election.

Send a letter to your MP asking them to make sure the next general election marks the beginning of the end for poverty in the UK.

Tell your story

Your message is more likely to have an impact on your MP if you use your own words to share why you are asking them to take action. You can personalise your email when you fill out the form. We’ve put together some tips to help you personalise your message.

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Fill out your personalised message in our email tool, and send it to your MP online.

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Why are you motivated to end poverty in the UK?

“I'm scandalised by how we make increasing levels of poverty and inequality normal”

“It’s time for change - for social justice!”

“The issues are systemic and poverty is unjust. We have the resources we need to fix this.”

“Because people need a life not just an existence.”

“People in poverty already make enormous contributions to society but as long as they are locked into poverty we are all losing out on the immense diversity of their full potential.”

“No child should have to grow up hungry.”

“I’ve experienced poverty and this is a chance for me to try to end it with other people who are experiencing the same now.”