Put poverty on the agenda this general election

Tackling poverty has to be a priority for anyone with ambitions to be in government. We need all political parties to set out their plans to tackle poverty ahead of the election.

Use your voice to demand action to end poverty at this election. 

Sign the pledge

We need to put poverty on the agenda at this general election. Sign the pledge to say that you will demand action to end poverty from all our political leaders.

By signing the pledge, you’re joining your voice and commitment together with other people across the UK who are taking action to poverty on the agenda.

I will demand action to end poverty this election.

Elections are an opportunity to have our say on the issues that matter most – and when more than one in four people in the UK are in poverty including over 4 million children, ending poverty should be at the top of everyone’s agenda.

Poverty is not inevitable – especially in a wealthy country like the UK. But people struggling against poverty everyday aren’t being heard. Now, more than ever, we need anyone with aspirations to be in government to make bolder, braver choices to end poverty for good.

We can’t move forward together when millions of us are held back by hardship.

That’s why, this general election, I will use my voice to let everyone standing for election know that ending poverty is my priority and demand that they make it theirs.

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Ask your candidates: What will you to do tackle poverty if elected?

We need to ask every candidate standing at the election how they will tackle poverty if elected. Play your part by challenging the candidates standing in your area to take action. 

Email your local candidates

Fill out the form and send an email to every candidate nominated in your constituency.

Every candidate standing at the general election should set out how they will play their part in building a future free from poverty if they are elected.

Take action now.

Email the candidates standing for election in your constituency to ask them: What will you personally do to make ending poverty a priority in parliament if you are elected?

Make sure that ending poverty is on the agenda in every constituency across the UK as we approach the General Election.

Note on candidates

If a candidate in your constituency isn’t available to contact, it may be because we can’t locate reliable contact details for them. Engaging Networks are updating the database regularly.

Ask a question at a hustings event

Could you ask: What will you each personally do to make tackling poverty a bigger priority in parliament if you are elected?

Hustings or ‘Question Time’ events are a chance for members of a constituency to ask questions of the candidates standing in their area. Asking a question at a hustings is a great way to get ending poverty on the agenda,  and challenges candidates to set out what they plan to do if elected.

Download our guidance on how to get your question asked, how to construct a good question and what else to remember.

Click here to download our top tips for hustings

Talk to candidates and campaigners on the doorstep

Election campaigns are a unique time where candidates and campaigners often come door to door to find out how constituents will vote, and what issues are energising and motivating the community. Be prepared to ask about ending poverty if you get a ring on the doorbell.

Download and print at home our door hanger, with a key question to ask and top tips to have a productive conversation.

Click here to download questions to hang on your door

Order free resources

Order free Let's End Poverty resources to share at your events.

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Listen to communities

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