Our Shared Message

Our movement is driven by a vision of the UK where poverty can’t hold anyone down. We all have our own story to share about why ending poverty matters to us. By bringing this together with a shared message, we can increase the impact of our collective voice to show how ending poverty matters to our communities.

Working with people currently experiencing the struggle against poverty, we’ve developed a shared message which expresses our hope for a UK where poverty cannot hold anyone down. This message is a set of ideas, words and phrases that together describe who we are, what we stand for, our vision of the future, what we want to change, and the actions we want people to take.

This message isn’t a script. It can’t allow for every conversation we’ll ever have, every word we want to say, or every person we’ll ever speak to. We’ll find our own ways of expressing these ideas as we go along. Instead, it offers us a way of building up a collective voice which demonstrates the breadth and strength of people who want to see an end to poverty in the UK.

This message should begin to give you the tools and language to you use your voice to call on our political leaders to take action on poverty in the UK. As the movement develops, we’ll provide training and further resources to help us use this message together.

Download the quick guide

Read our quick three-page guidance on our shared message and how to use it.

Click here to explore the quick messaging guide

Explore the full messsage

Want to get stuck in? Explore our full messaging guidance including how we can build the narrative, shift it for different audiences and use it in the context of the General Election.

Click here to download the full messaging toolkit

Our message works alongside our visual identity, which acts as another unifying tool to promote and amplify our collective voice in
public spaces, showing collaboration between different groups as we work towards the same vision.

Anyone can download and use the Let’s End Poverty logo to show solidarity, support and indicate that their action is part of something bigger.

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