Shared Aims

What is Let's End Poverty trying to achieve? This page outlines some of our shared aims and values as a movement.

Let’s End Poverty is a growing, diverse movement of people united behind a vision of the UK free from poverty. By working together to organise within communities across the UK, we aim to build political and public willingness to end poverty in the UK and therefore seek to strengthen the movement to end poverty in the UK in the long term.

What are we trying to achieve together?

Let’s End Poverty is beginning to build momentum in the run up to the next UK General Election. With that in mind, we’ve set four shared aims for the movement for 2023-2025.

  1. Make ending poverty a primary issue at the election by increasing pressure on political leaders through mobilising and organising groups across the public to take action.
  2. Unite a diverse range of voices behind a shared, positive and vision-filled message of change in order to utilise the strength of partnership and solidarity.
  3. Build effective networks for action around the General Election in order to invest in collaboration and partnership.
  4. Create new leaders for the movement from communities with lived experience by investing in leadership development at the grassroots.

A movement is created by its members – by the energy, skills and commitment we all bring. If we’re doing this right, then Let’s End Poverty will have lots of different activities and actions taking place at a local, regional and national level. These four aims will help organisations, groups and volunteers investing in the movement to resource those activities to have a bigger combined impact.

Find out more about the four strands of work that will take these aims forward below.

Increasing pressure on political leaders by mobilising people to take action

  • Identify 3-4 key moments where we will organise network wide mobilisation
  • A launch Assembly in October 2023, a simultaneous event in multiple locations across the UK, to engage and enthuse key local partners and activists
  • A mass public action in early 2024, targeted at engaging politicians
  • Develop these moments to both contribute to the first strategic aim of moving poverty higher up the agenda at the General Election and focus on strengthening the network and building new leaders.
  • Reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of these actions in achieving our shared strategic aims and adjust accordingly.

Unite behind a shared message

  • Create a positive, vision filled message that articulates what we are for, rather than what we are against, and acts as a call to action.
  • Develop this message in partnership with a diverse range of perspectives in order to reflect and reach a broad audience.
  • Create a ‘badge’ – a visual representation of the message – key messages and a digital platform to create a focal point for this message
  • Make the message publicly available so that it can be owned and used by anyone who wants to demonstrate solidarity with the movement. It will amplify rather than mask different identities, in order to demonstrate collaboration.

Build effective networks for action

  • Host online and in person gatherings to inspire and energise collaboration between organisations and individuals aiming to mobilise similar groups, or with similar strategies for change.
  • Create internal communications to share opportunities for collaboration, inspiration from different groups and celebrate success.
  • Run 1-1 and small group meetings to identify fruitful partnerships and new leaders and energise action.
  • Listen and learn from what is fruitful and productive within communities and across different partnerships.

Grow new leaders

  • Identify resources and opportunities for training and development of new leaders with lived experience at a grassroots level and in organisations.
  • Create opportunities for people with lived experience to shape strategy, action and message in the movement at a strategic level.
  • Support one another by sharing experience and best practice, in order to invest in long term capacity building. We will seek to platform voices of lived experience in all high-level opportunities we secure to promote the message.

Everyone who is part of Let’s End Poverty will have the chance to take part in action to support and develop these aims. If you’re part of an organisation who wants to put resource and time into making these things happen, click here to sign up and show your support. 

Our shared values

We want to be an inclusive and welcoming movement where anyone who believes in an end to poverty in the UK can get involved. To support this, we have five shared values we invite everyone who is part of Let’s End Poverty to uphold:

  • We will not tolerate discrimination, particularly on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, geography, age, ability, class and religion. We will be respectful and inclusive at all times.
  • We will be proactive to ensure everyone’s access needs are met by events and resources created for the movement, to enable everyone to get involved.
  • Let’s End Poverty is not affiliated with any political party, and we will not take any steps that affiliate or align the movement with party political views or membership.
  • We will ensure that people’s lived experience of poverty is honoured, and that we will create platforms and spaces where lived experience can be shared and shape strategy and action.
  • We will endeavour to learn from one another, by listening and evaluation, deepening our shared understanding of how we can more effectively work towards the end of poverty in the UK.

If you are taking part in a Let’s End Poverty event or action, we hope that these values will be reflected by other people you encounter, and through your own action. If you feel these values have not been upheld in a Let’s End Poverty activity, please email