Map the movement impact

This map shows how many conversations about tackling have been started with prospective parliamentary candidates across the UK, via members of the Let's End Poverty movement. Check out your constituency and see if you can boost the total.

Ask your candidates: What will you to do tackle poverty if elected?

We need to ask every candidate standing at the election how they will tackle poverty if elected. Play your part by challenging the candidates standing in your area to take action. 

Email your local candidates

Fill out the form and send an email to every candidate nominated in your constituency.

Every candidate standing at the general election should set out how they will play their part in building a future free from poverty if they are elected.

Take action now.

Email the candidates standing for election in your constituency to ask them: What will you personally do to make ending poverty a priority in parliament if you are elected?

Make sure that ending poverty is on the agenda in every constituency across the UK as we approach the General Election.

Note on candidates

If a candidate in your constituency isn’t available to contact, it may be because we can’t locate reliable contact details for them. Engaging Networks are updating the database regularly.

Find more resources

Find hustings resources and top tips to engage with candidates on your doorstep.

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